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Estate Agents - why one size doesn't fit all

Estate Agents are everywhere, but they're far from the same. One of the most frequent questions I get asked if why does it matter who I choose - surely they're all the same?

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The simple answer is this couldn't be further from the truth. How many times have you heard of property's sticking on agents books for months on end, only to sell the week after relaunching with a new agent? From simple online fixed fee agents to bespoke premium services, there is something for all BUT, it's important you do your research to make sure you're with the right one for your property.

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Try not be too fixated on fees in your decision making. I see so many clients choose the agent based mostly on the cost, only to end up coming to me to advise on how to switch agents as the very people they're paying to sell their home have not been proactive enough on the sale. Whilst cost will always play a factor for some, fees shouldn’t be the defining factor in the agent you choose to sell your property. Instead, consider that an agent with a higher fee has a much more targeted database and is able to negotiate a higher price on your behalf. Local knowledge and trust is much more important in making a decision, which in the end could be the cheapest option.

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Always look at the bigger picture to achieve the maximum return on your property. You don’t mind paying 1.5% fees if the agent achieves £30k more for the property than a cheaper agent for example.

Above everything else, choose an agent you genuinely connect with and trust. It’s the biggest transaction you’re likely to make, so you need to trust it with someone you’re confident will navigate things best on your behalf.

Ask friends, family and local social media groups for recent estate agent experience – both good and bad! It’ll really help you to have a solid starting point to begin your search.


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