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Why clutter is the number one reason your home isn’t selling.

Picture the scene – you’ve found a property in the perfect location, with a great-sized plot and lots of features you’ve been looking for. The photos show the property is a little overcrowded with possessions, but you think it’s nothing you can’t sort. You excitedly arrange a viewing.

Then you walk in. The first thing you see is coats and shoes spilling all over the entrance hall and you have to avoid tripping on a trainer. It’ll look different with your things in you think. You walk through to the lounge. There’s things everywhere. Yes there’s a log burner and potential, but you’re not scouring the room looking for where the vendors actually put their things. You’re now actively looking for storage. Focus on the positives.

Hello kitch…. You see pans stacked on the top of the cupboards. Electrical appliances are all over the worktops. You search for an under stairs cupboard as your saving grace, only to find it’s been stuffed full for a viewing.

As you walk upstairs, instead of focusing on the excitement of the property’s potential, you’re left panicking about how you’re going to live in the space. The upstairs tour is merely conformation of yet more space issues and you leave not even interested in the garden you were so eager to see just 20 minutes ago.

Storage is one of most popular reasons as to why houses don’t get offers quickly. People can see through upgrades and improvements, but they need to know storage is there.

The truth is the reason most people move is to gain more space and storage, but it’s essential that you don’t let your storage issues be felt by a prospective buyer. Tidy things away, remove excess possessions and if it isn’t essential, store it away when you launch onto the market. Don’t let clutter be a reason to put people off. Both you and your prospective buyers will thank you for it!

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